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Some ten years ago when I first got the idea to do an online blog about Texas history I had no idea how many folks might be interested in such a focus. Last month Glenn’s Texas History Blog set a new record for readership. According to my latest site analytics in August, 38,764 readers worldwide searched out and read at least one page of the blog. This is an average of 1,250 readers per day. Some 18,871 of these readers are located in the United States followed by 4,275 in the United Kingdom, 3,302 in China, 1,013 in Canada, 567 in the Ukrain, 242 in France, 173 in Germany, 138 in Russia, 109 in Australia, with numerous other readers in Japan, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain and Singapore. A number of these overseas readers are U. S. service men and women stationed around the world.

Most find their way to the blog via Google although there is quite a list of search engines that have been used. A fair number of the readers access the blog with their smart phones something I never dreamed about ten years ago. Recently my internet guru Mike Middleton updated the blog software and I have a feeling he had something to do with the recent upsurge. I cannot thank Mike enough for all of his fine work through the years. Anyone needing a really first class web page design and IT work can contact Mike at:


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