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On April 29, 2012, a very special day will transpire! Special guests will travel short and long distances to be recognized while honoring our new Indian statue, "A Friend", and recognize the place on which he stands that has come to symbolize many things to a wide range of people. Come be a part of this historic Ballinger event that started 4 years ago with a dream from seventy-five sixth grade students and their teacher.
Some of our special guests will include: Nell Shepperd Hambrick, 95, former Ballinger resident, teacher, friend, and daughter of Elmer Shepperd who originally purchased Ballinger"s original old Indian from Ardmore, OK. Donald Pearse and Geraldine Pearse Zuehlke, family members of the two men who built the old Indian rock base. These two men were William(Bill) Pearse and his son, Albert Pearse. Xoxi Nayapiltzin , our new Native American friend that is very appreciative of the students goal and has taken our mission to heart. He hopes that all Native Americans whose homelands are in Texas hear of this project to honor their ancestors and come join in the celebration. He is a dear friend to Fred and Kay Campbell, guardians of the pictographs in Paint Rock, Texas that so many people have enjoyed over the years. Xoxi's ancestors are of the Jumano family. However, he has chosen to coordinate multiple cultures of true Native American dancers, Elders, and Chiefs because of what our statue has always stood for, "A Friend". In Xoxi's own words, When the European's first came to this land, most Native Americans stood proudly to great them as a friend, just as your statue is doing and is how Texas got its name".
We extend our invitation to all in helping us celebrate a "Dream turned Reality", a "GOAL COMPLETED" and the honoring of our Native Americans for their love, appreciation, and respect for this land and our country.
All activities begin at 10 a.m. at the Ballinger City Park with the Glory Road Cowboy Church featuring the musical group,"Concho Valley Grass", followed by "Picnic in the Park" with various organizations offering lunch choices, and surrounded by fun booths for all ages. The Official ceremony will begin at 1:30 and will include several facets: the unveiling, recognition of our honored guests, followed by a celebration of the Native American Cultures and their descendants through dance and a very special ceremony of the "Blessing of the Ground" and a "Salute to the Four Directions".
Come and enjoy a day of family fun and be a part of an event you will not soon forget!

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