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Hello there,

Dunno if this will lead to anything but who knows? I am writing from Luxembourg but my mothers family (Brown) is from Florida.

I was wondering if there is any information about the Natchez native American tribe coming to / passing by / Brownsville Texas OR if there is any written evidence that the Natchez tribe has ever been present in Texas at all. Family stories go that my ancestors where kidnapped/adopted by Natchez Indians who had raided their village and killed their parents when they where still children.

Approximately 1820 ish..I also have a few names:

gray Brown married to Rachel Moody they where apparently massacred by indians. Now the parents of one of these two supposedly came from Louisiana. One of the orphan children was James Minor Brown. He died 1929 in Florida after he'd been hit by a truck. James Minor Brown marrie Winci Deer Brown (half or part Indian) from Mississippi. Married in Louisiana or Mississippi at age 13 and one of the children they had Fred Allen Brown (my great-grand-father)was born in Waco Texas 1888.

Some of them married and stayed within the tribe, others left it at around the age of 14/15. They did not know there surname for certain, but knew that they had been taken out of Brownsville Texas and therefor called them selves Brown. By that time they had wandered over the "Natchez trail" (i think).

All kinda confusing but what I would really like to know if the Natchez Tribe ever came to Texas? Because my uncle has always told me we have part indian blood, which may well be BUT was it the Natchez tribe? AND the reason for my last name being Brown is....

I'd be thankful for ANY information!

~Thank you very much.

Jeannie Brown

According to The Handbook Of Texas, the Natchez Indians were part of the Creek Indian confederation. See: ... bmc92.html

Grant Foreman says in his book "The Five Civilized Tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole" on p. 184 of the Nachees as he called them, "few remain; they still however as well as the rest retain their original tongue. There are many others, but they are now entirely extinct, and even their names are forgotten. The members of these tribes possess all the privileges and immunities of Creek citizens."
Here is another interesting reference to the Natchez from the Handbook of Texas that might shed some light on your research. ... fde85.html

Suggest you look over the bibliographies in these references. Also, think you will find more by contacting the Brownsville Public Library. See:

Another good place to look is the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History at the University of Texas in Austin. See:

Hope this helps and good luck with your research.

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