According to U.S. Border Patrol chief David Agular, a new high tech virtual wall will soon be operating along the U.S. Mexican border. The pricey new system manufactured by the Boeing Company will be composed of hundreds of interconnected 98 foot tall mobile towers that contain ground sensing radar, cameras, lights, data access points and radio communications equipment. The system of towers is known as SBI or the Secure Border Initiative and is designed to detect persons attempting to illegally enter the United States. Agular has said that the system is so effective that it will, detect and classify more than 95 per cent of illegal entries within with the virtual wall. On the Arizona border some 28 miles of the SBI system is scheduled to be in operation by the end of May. According to the Associated Press, SBIs should be in operation in New Mexico and parts of Texas within a year.

The SBI system will replace aging Viet Nam era ground sensor equipment that could be easily set off by livestock. The SBI system will transmit images and data to Border Patrol agents laptop computers hopefully eliminating troublesome false alarms. See http://www.boeing.com/news/releases/200 ... 4b_pr.html for a photo of one of the new towers. Gj


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