On Tuesday, January 9, 2007, 05:52 PM, John Smith wrote:

"From where was the marker moved? Looking at the aerial maps it appears that the road was moved when it was paved effectively placing the marker on the other side of FM 170. The USGS shows the marker correctly (presuming the green square next to the cemetery)near the road on the east side of FM 170."

Until about six months ago, the marker was located on the west side of F.M. 170. Presently, the marker is on the east side of the highway not far from the cemetery. It should be said that the original location of the marker is located on private property and was only placed at a spot thought, in the 1930's, to be the approximate location of the Julimes mission. Since the mission remained in operation only for a very short time before the priests fled for their lives, the precise location of the mission may never be known. Gj


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