Here is an email that just came in from Lupe Rodriguez:

"Per the query below a Contreras gang was stealing silver from the Shafter mine. According to an article originally published in Old West magazine Vol. 34 (Summer 1998): 10-14, it was the Antonio Carrasco gang. Which is correct?"

I checked in my copy of "Border Boss: Captain John R. Hughes-Texas Ranger" by Jack Martin and on page 108, Martin states that it was indeed Antonio Carrasco his bunch and not the "Conteras gang" as KW stated in his question below. Thanks for your keen observation. Gj


GLenn Justice 
Don't know of a Contreas gang but that is not to say they did not exist. Suggest you check out the El Paso Times card file index in the El Paso public library. You might be suprised at what you find. Gj

Daniel Contreras 
In doing family research on the 'Contreras' name, I found this bit
of information: Per above,I see where a correction was made but a question is still on my mind. From what I just read, it appears to me that there were two gangs, the Carrasco and the Contreras gangs!
You say, '. . .indeed Antonio Carrasco his bunch and not the "Contreras Gang" as KW stated'. Am I correct in assuming that a Contreras Gang did actually exist? If a Contreras Gang did exist, I would like to know, to be able to add that information to my genealogy list. If you have information, or know where I might get names or detailed accounts, please let me know. Too bad I have not found my people in the Royal lineage, as yet!
Thank you for any information you might be able to give me.

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